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The Monitor Audio Silver C350 centre speaker, available in Winnipeg from Creative Audio, is designed for serious home theatre installations, where performance is the most critical factor. The bass drivers have been designed and tuned to work in a sealed box for easier placement in a cabinet or close to a boundary/wall. For the perfect A/V enjoyment, you can’t better the Monitor Audio Silver C350 for crisp, articulate dialogue. Don’t miss a word.

What makes the Monitor Audio Silver C350 so special is the vertical orientation of the mid and tweeter axis which delivers the same directivity as the other speakers in the system. A high percentage of the total sound balance in a theatre system is delivered to the centre channel (typically 60%), so this crucial speaker should not to be overlooked when specifying a high-performance, no-compromise theatre system for the home.

The Monitor Audio Silver C350 makes an ideal partner for the Monitor Audio Silver series, being carefully matched to their sonic characteristics.



More about the Monitor Audio Silver C350

Dimensions: 9 1/4" x 22 1/16" x 9 7/16" (HxWxD)
Finish Options: Black Oak, Walnut, Rosenut, Satin White
Premium Finish Option: Gloss Black ($1,299)
Manufacturer's Web Site: Monitor Audio Silver C350


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