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It may deliver taut gut-churning bass all the way down to a seismic 18 Hz, but the Monitor Audio Gold W15, available in Winnipeg at Creative Audio, is also an intelligent design, featuring an advanced automatic room correction system called LEO™ (Listening Environment Optimizer).

LEO simply and automatically eliminates the detrimental bass boost of boundaries and corners through the use of a microphone and test tones.

The Monitor Audio Gold W15's sealed enclosure and front-firing driver make it easy to install, and calibration from the front-mounted controls and dimmable LED display is simple, even from a distant position. It's equipped with a 12 V trigger and remote control with four user EQ pre-sets.


 Monitor Audio Gold Series Brochure

More about the Monitor Audio Gold W-15

Finish Options: Dark Walnut, Gloss Black, Gloss White
Premium Finish Option: Gloss Ebony ($4,195)
Manufacturer's Web Site: Monitor Audio Gold W-15


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