When you're known for providing the best sound in the city, the challenge is making sure the picture looks just as good. Challenge accepted.


When you have a reputation for providing the best sound quality in the city, you can't let the side down. And we don't. In fact the dazzling video quality of our systems will probably distract you from just how good the sound really is. We work behind the scenes for you, making sure your system is 4K and HDCP 2.2 compliant. So don't worry about that. You just focus on the amazing picture quality in every room at every size.

Just like our audio systems, every room will get the video treatment it deserves. From massive projection screens in the home theater to sleek curved flat panel displays in the great room to screens hidden behind mirrors in the en suite, Creative Audio will make sure your video system is tailored perfectly to every environment.

STUNNING IMAGES. Every TIME. It's what we do.

"This company has integrity and is a pleasure to work with." - Brian S.