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The slender floorstanding Monitor Audio Monitor 200, available in Winnipeg from Creative Audio, reveal every aspect of a performance. Their sleek lines and orange drivers make them a stylish addition to any room.

The slim Monitor Audio Monitor 200s are the smallest floorstander in Monitor Audio’s range and are designed to deliver a stunning sound in small to medium-sized rooms. They have all the precision of a two-way speaker, with the addition of an extra bass driver for scale and power.

Two 51/2" MMP II drivers combine to provide powerful, punchy bass lines. The mid-driver is crossed over to the black C-CAM tweeter higher up in frequency, resulting in perfect phase.

The Monitor Audio Monitor 200s are equipped with outrigger feet that give a sleeker appearance, take up less floor space and improve the stability of the speaker.


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Finish Options: Black, White
Manufacturer's Web Site: Monitor Audio Monitor 200


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