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The Control4 Wireless Switch is available from Creative Audio in Winnipeg, your Authorized Control4 Dealer. Replace a standard light switch with this, a fully customizable switch that will allow for control beyond just your lights. The custom-engraved button not only identifies which light the switch controls, but can be backlit for easy readability regardless of the the time of day or ambient light level in the room. 

The Control4 Wireless Switch provides on/off control for a variety of load types. With its robust relay and high amperage rating, the Control4 Wireless Switch can handle even high in-rush loads such as fountain pumps or large banks of fluorescent lights. It can even be used to switch wall outlets.

Note: The Control4 Wireless Switch is not sold as a standalone product, but rather as part of a complete Control4 system. Its interface and functionality is custom programmed by our trained and certified Control4 programmers. For more information on how Control4 can be integrated into your home, please complete the form below, and one of our team will be in touch with you shortly!


Control4 Wireless Switch Product Sheet

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Availability: Special Order
Colours: White, Snow White, Black, Midnight Black, Ivory, Light Almond, Legacy Light Almond, Brown, Aluminum, Biscuit
Manufacturer's Web Site: Control4 Wireless Switch


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