Bowers & Wilkins

In 1966, John Bowers and his lifelong friend Peter Hayward founded a manufacturing company, then called B&W Electronics, in Worthing, on the south coast of England. They agreed from the outset to live modestly and plough any profits back into the business to further research into the quest for the perfect loudspeaker...

The decision whether to carry a product at Creative Audio is never taken lightly. The decision to represent Bowers & Wilkins was an easy one, however. The company's reputation speaks for itself. Today, they offer a complete range of speaker solutions that embody that classic British sound. Combined with elegant and tasteful style, Bowers & Wilkins is an obvious choice for those looking for the best from their audio system.

600 Series

 DS3 Surround Speaker $1,000/pair

DS3 Surround Speaker

 ASW610XP Subwoofer $1,400

ASW610XP Subwoofer


CI 600 Series - In-ceiling and In-wall Speakers

Cinema 7 Series

CM Series

800 Series Diamond


In-ear Headphones

On-ear Headphones

Over-ear Headphones

Wireless Headphones